Thank you for considering Danielle Williams Calligraphy for your upcoming project! We can't wait to get started!

Step One | Lets Chat!

The first step is to contact us with your request to make sure we have availability in your timeframe. (For envelope calligraphy our typical turnaround time is 3 weeks from when we receive your finalized guest list.)

We ask that you provide us with the following information to get started:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The service you are interested in
  • How many envelopes/escort cards/etc/ do you need?
  • What color paper, and ink?
  • When do you need your materials returned by?
  • What calligraphy style & layout would you like?

Email us at OR fill out the form provided for you on our contact page. Because each project is unique we would like to talk through the details and go through the specifics of your project to provide you with an accurate quote. Once we have all the details that we need, we can provide you with a customized quote.


Step Two | Agreement + Deposit

Once you reviewed the quote and we have answered any questions that you may have. Then we will send over an agreement for you to review, sign, and return. We require 50% of the total project cost up front. We are unable to begin any project until the deposit has been received. The deposit will secure your spot on our calendar. Once we receive the signed agreement, deposit, and your Word document we will be able to start on your project!


Step Three | Your Supplies + Guest List

Next, we will have you ship your envelopes or cardstock to us. We ask that you provide us with an additional 15% of materials due to the human element of calligraphy (spills, splatters, misspellings, etc.).  If you are local to Houston, we can arrange to meet in person to exchange items.

For envelope calligraphy or escort cards the next step if to submit your list in a Word document or an Excel file. I have provided you with templates and etiquette guide below.

Please make sure that everything is spelled and laid out correctly. Please check your document for spelling and grammar errors before you send it to us. We cannot be held liable for any errors in your word document.


Step Four | Completion + Balance Due

Once your project is completed we will provide you with a final invoice. Once the balance is paid we will then ship your finished project to you! (Or if you are in the Houston area we can arrange a meet up.)


Step Five | Review + Time to Enjoy!

Once you receive your project look it over within 48 hours of receiving it back to ensure there are no corrections to be made.

Finally, its time for you and your guests to enjoy the finished product!